Mall Grab puts out a new EP and it’s as hard as nails

Lo Fi lord Mall Grab aka Jordon Alexander has returned with a new four track ‘Growing Pains’ EP that may leave you in a fit untz untz hysteria.

The Aussie who has hit prominence on the European DJ circuit built his name with an eclectic array club weapons with the likes ‘Pool Party Music‘ and ‘Catching Feelings‘. The new EP, unlike some his older stuff, is a full on taste head banging club music that doesn’t really fit any genre specifically.

It’s hard to talk about one song specifically on this EP as everything just presents a different mood for the late night club craziness. But what I will say is, the EP is best digested on an empty stomach and enough space to spread your wings and go a little crazy on the dance floor.

Mall Grab – Growing Pains EP
A1. Sleepless
A2. Eucalyptus
B1. Growing Pains
B2. Temperature Rising