Kaskade Plays Out Beautiful New Remix Of Odesza And Sasha Sloan

Kaskade and Odesza are as similar as they are unique. Both artists work tirelessly to craft emotion-filled music which stops crowds in their tracks. While one works in electro and house, the other favors an indie vibe filled with trap and future elements. This past weekend Kaskade played out a beautiful remix one the most under-appreciated tracks f Odesza’s Grammy-nominated album, A Moment Apart.

A fan captured the track and tweeted out a plea for help with identifying the tune. To her surprise, Kaskade himself came about to answer the plea. Turns out the track heard in the video is a remix Odesza and Sasha Sloan’s track ‘Falls’.

This isn’t the first time Kaskade has crafted a track around Sasha’s beautiful vocals. Fans will instantly recognize Sasha Sloan’s voice from Kaskade’s massive hit, ‘Automatic’.

Photo Via: Strykerfoto