In Case You Forgot About MSTRKRFT

It’s impossible to keep track every artist in the electronic music universe. Often you find your most beloved beatmakers falling totally f the radar. Months, sometimes years, go by as these once habitually listened to favorites are pushed to the deep archives your memory while you carry on enjoying the perpetual stream newer releases.

Recently, Canadian house duo, MSTRKFT, a group that many may remember not just from their classic remix Justice’s D.A.N.C.E., but as a staple the indie-electro house scene during the EDM boom ten years ago, has finally released new music after a multi-year hiatus. Sunshine My Life is a four-track EP that will teleport you back to the familiar vibes their previous works like Fist Of God and taking a step back from their 2016 comeback album Operator, which featured prevalent rock/alternative influences.

What sticks out is the apparent techno impression, and I’m not talking about the melodic stuff, these tracks are fast, frantic, and hit like a boulder. Many dance aficionados would describe the EP as hardcore, and I’d have to agree, especially the latter two tracks, “Let Me See You Move” and “Fit N Finish.”

The mere thought these tunes bumped live gives me butterflies in my chest. If this is MSTRKFT’s ficial new direction, then they’re targeted for a massive resurgence, even though they never really left…