Four Tet shares three beautifully crafted tracks for ‘Anna’s Painting’ EP

Another day, another collection brilliant electronic, this time from experimental music purveyor Four Tet and the release his ‘Anna’s Painting’ EP.

The three track EP comes out not long after suggesting that he’ll have an album out before the end the year. The music is mainly on the enjoyably up-tempo scale with the first song ‘Anna’s Painting’ made with interesting blooming synths. The second song ‘Lahaina Noon’ exists more in the world music scene with manipulated synths acting as siren melodies evoking an emotionally encapsulating tone. Finally, ‘breathe’ is a more somber and reflective piece that feels improvised and doesn’t involve drums.

If you’re looking for a good mid week mix, it’s definitely worth listen to the Floating Points, Four Tet, Daphni and Jamie xx go b2b2b2b. We can’t get enough Four Tet with him being in our top 5 electronic acts to see live.