Pistols At Dawn Release “Cold,” “All You Offer,” And “Gauntlet,” Off New Self-Titled Album

Pistols At Dawn recently released their self-titled album, a hard-rock record that lists some incredibly well crafted songs such as “All You Offer,” “Cold,” and “Gauntlet,” and sonically comparable to a combination of Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Tool, AC/DC, Metallica, and Disturbed’s sound. 

This high energy tracklist shares some of the most polished and matured hard-rock songs we’ve heard in a while, with lyrics and visuals of the times that push listeners not to accept the status quo. Heavy hitting hard rock progressions, distorted guitar riffs, and the inspiring poetry and political messages included in the lyrics, come together in a perfect fit to create this epic album, and we can’t wait for the band to announce when their next masterpiece will be released. 

The lyrics and vocals on the three main tracks “All You Offer,” “Cold,” and “Gauntlet,” are by Rockstar Supernova Finalist, and with the band’s long time friend and elite rock frontman, Chris Pierson.