“No More Roses” from The Bachelor Star Grant Kemp

Known as the winner of the third season of The Bachelor in Paradise, Grant Kemp has switched up his gear, from reality TV star to talented artist. The television heartthrob has a knack to stand and deliver behind the mic. His new hit “No More Roses” is sure to become a staple across many playlists with melodic tunes and memorable lyrics.

Flexing his raw vocals, the artist skillfully talks about the hardship of finding true love and connection on reality television. Giving us a glimpse of what it is like to feel behind the glitz and glamour of TV, Kemp has effortlessly risen to the stars. Previously, the singer has declared his fondness for rock and roll music. His debut track features hues of pop and punk rock, making it a hit for the ages. The artist has also released a striking music video that perfectly depicts his passion and storyline.

Watch the compelling music video and keep a lookout for more from the tv star.