Nicki Minaj Blocks Fan on Twitter for Hilarious Drawing of Her

Nicki Minaj recently blocked a person on Twitter for sharing a rudimentary drawing of the rapper.

On Tuesday (May 16), Twitter user @jaseprint shared a drawing of Nicki Minaj on Twitter. The stencil portrait shows @jaseprint’s take on a Nicki Minaj photo where Nicki is posing holding her head. Let’s just say the drawing probably won’t be making its way to any museums anytime soon.

“Okay just finished, thoughts?” the photo is captioned.

Of course, Nicki Minaj fans flooded the comments with reactions to the hilarious image.

“Put the pencil down,” one person commented.

“What In the down syndrome going on here? Erase & try again love,” another person posted.

“With time you’ll get better never give up,” a supportive Twitter user added.

“Don’t play with the queen like that tbh you need to work of your drawing skills cause nicki would’ve ate u up if she sees this,” another comment reads.

Well, it looks like Nicki Minaj did catch wind of the post. In response, the Queen rapper blocked @jaseprint on Twitter. Sharing a screenshot showing Nicki had disabled @jaseprint’s ability to see her Tweets, they responded, “OMG Queen it was a joke. Please unblock me.”

Nicki Minaj has never been shy about blocking her detractors on social media. Apparently this fan had to learn the hard way.

See the Nicki Minaj Drawing That Got a Fan Blocked on Twitter and Reactions Below

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