Jay-Z Shows Kris Jenner How to Do the Electric Slide

Jay-Z had to show Kris Jenner how to do the Electric Slide during Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour stop in Los Angeles.

Jay-Z Teaches Kris Jenner How to Do the Electric Slide

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour stopped in Los Angeles on Friday (Sept. 1) and all the celebrities were in attendance, including Kris Jenner, the patriarch of the Kardashian Family. During Queen Bey’s rendition of “Before I Let Go,” which is her redo of the classic cookout jam by Frankie Beverly and Maze, Jay-Z and his friends started to do the Electric Slide line dance.

In a video captured by a fan, Jay-Z and other celebs, including Offset, are doing the Electric Slide. However, Kris Jenner appears to be confused and needs help on the far left. The Brooklyn rapper instructs Kris to follow the people as they do two steps back and two steps forward. Hov is then seen pointing his finger in an effort to show Kris where to go, but she is not following his lead. Clearly, Kris is out of step with the rest of the group, but she appears to be having a good time as the others do the Electric Slide perfectly. You can watch the spectacle below.

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Watch Jay-Z Show Kris Jenner How to Do the Electric Slide Below

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