Eminem Skins and Live Event Coming to Fortnite Claims Online Leak

Eminem skins will soon be available in the video game Fortnite according to a recent leak. The rapper will also reportedly perform a virtual concert at the end of its current season.

Eminem Skins and Live Event Coming to Fortnite Claims Online Leak

Leaked details obtained by the X, formerly known as Twitter, account Dr. Cacahuette on Tuesday (Nov. 21) reported the new skins. The skins will give players the ability to play as Slim Shady, and will be available before Fortnite‘s Season 4 ends on Dec. 2. One will be called Slim Shady, while the other named Marshal Mathers No More. The first skin will be of Eminem during his young blonde-haired days, while the latter will be of the bearded Marshal Mathers fans know now.

That date of Dec. 2 will also reportedly coincide with a “big bang” in-game concert performed by Em, and will end with the Fortnite map being changed once again. Details are scarce as to what fans can expect from the concert, but the report claims it will be a massive ordeal, requiring 1.5GB of free space to enjoy.

XXL has reached out to Eminem’s team for comment.

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Travis Scott’s Virtual Concert Breaks Fortnite Records

Eminem’s in-game concert comes three years after Travis Scott broke the game’s record for most concurrent players at one time, ushering in 12 million participants. The previous record-holder was electronic producer Marshmello, who had 10.7 million virtual attendees during his concert in 2019.

La Flame’s experimental performance came with the release of a new track titled “The Scotts,” which featured Kid Cudi.

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