daste – Palette (EP)

Out now Mammal Sounds Records, is daste’s new Palette EP. The wonderful 5-track-project is an awesome concoction pop, electronic, funk laced with all sorts swagger. I’ve been a big fan daste since the beginning, and they just keep getting better on every release. This debut piece work is a super impressive body music that will get whoever yet familiar with the Aussie group’s music up to speed and eager for more music soon. This electro-funktrio is onto something really special here, i’d keep a tab on them if I was you I forsee them doing big things in 2019 and beyond. Listen to daste’s Palette EP below now!

“..It became freeing to the group to stop narrowing our sound into one category and try every idea until we were happy. The lyrics followed suit as we drew on themes that highlighted our opinions the music industry and our own approach. Realizing the unique quality each track,the concept the EP was born–A palate tracks, each with its own flavor to create the EP.” – daste