Carnage Releases New Track “Holy Moly” ft. Terror Bass, Including a Sinister Music Video!

Carnage debuts his new release “Holy Moly” ft. Terror Bass, and it’s perhaps his most sinister track to date. Accompanied by a darkly themed music video that brings his production to life, “Holy Moly” opens with cinematic, orchestral tones as the video depicts a young girl who stumbles upon a monastery after witnessing the horrific murder her mother. She quickly finds out that these nuns aren’t as holy as they seem as they teach her some dark secrets to help revenge her mother’s murder.

Holy Moly” breaks down into jarring basslines and serrating synths as she undergoes a shocking transformation, combining elements trap, dubstep and bass music for one  Carnage’s most heavy-hitting tracks to date. The new release is the third in a string  Carnage’s recent EDM releases, following “Blitzkrieg” and “Slot Machine.” Check out “Holy Moly” below!