Will Instagram & Record Labels Shut Down D-Nice & All DJ’s?

(AllHipHop Rumors) D-Nice has caused a ripple effect after he has been doing God's work with his "Club Quarantine" on the Mark Zuckerberg's platform Instagram. When I say "God's work," I mean people were down and out, depressed over the coronavirus and really down. Makes sense! It's a pandemic that is killing people. We are not officially in a depression, but we are going that way FAST.

That said, D-Nice and others like DJ Premier, Lord Finesse, Beverly Bond and many others have been entertaining the people and keeping their minds at ease. D-Nice, for example, went a total of 9 hours one day on his "party," which is streamed live from his pad in Los Angeles. He has continued to party for a purpose and spread love all over the globe. I love it and, for the first few days, I got some exercise and stuff like the rest of the world.

It has only been about a week that D-Nice has been doing this whole thing. And it absolutely got gentrified once it went mainstream, but the music stayed the same and the jams were flowing. That may be the issue. I am getting word that the record labels are coming in to get what they are owned. Simply, they want money for the songs that are entertaining us. Well damn.

Even in a pandemic, killing innumerable people, people are looking to get "their coin." I guess I get it since this is America and capitalism is the beast that nobody really wants to discuss. Not to get too deep with it, but I want people to realize some things…. I will say that my sources are not specifying what labels are looking to get paid so it may just be one or two. There is already software in place on IG for people to get cake when you use their music, but I guess in a DJ environment, there are challenges. I am not even sure how they will do it.

All of this has not stopped D-Nice from doing good. He's teaming up with Michelle Obama to party and register people to vote at the same time. Bro's star was already pretty high, but now I am sure the rates are going through the roof! Congrats to him.

Now, I am wondering what Instagram is going to do. Will they limit people to one transmission a day? Will they make us chill until a certain time to transmit again? They are not making any "money" off of this either so I am sure that has caused IG to consider what they need to be doing. Hip-Hop has always innovated, but these folks are getting on it quick to squash our fun, even in a pandemic!