Jeremy Finlay Is Back With Fresh Music: “REASONS”

Phenomenal artist Jeremy Finlay brings back the vibes with a brand-new track called “REASONS”. As his incredible voice takes on some stunning ups and downs, the song continues to gain momentum and feels even more personal to the listener. What are the “reasons” people drift apart? Jeremy Finlay explores the ever-present theme of love and breakup, showing through his music video the love of a couple. The audience already knows where things are headed, but one cannot help but cherish those fleeting moments of joy depicted in the clip.

Having been born in a musical family that cultivated an appreciation for various genres in Finlay, the artist has himself been immersed in the world of music since a young age. It was in his twenties that he ventured out into business, becoming a key figure in a men’s personal development company that helped millions of people through filmmaking and impacted over 50,000 clients through events, books, conferences, and challenges. 

Today, Jeremy Finlay fuses his love of music and film and continues to impress global audiences through hard work, diligence, and creativity.

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