RADIOGASMO Seem To Capture The Universe’s Soul In Their New Release “Joker”

In a world demanding, consuming, and offering art just for hype and as a tool to go viral, the Italo Berliners calling themselves RADIOGASMO made it their duty to “reform the system through art.” To understand what they mean by it, just checking their new release “Joker” and its music video will be enough. 

The song and the visuals spread the same vibe as its title, “Joker” does. The song is a scream of a soul against injustice, devoted to the change unity and mass protests can bring. In a sense, “Joker” manifests freedom and justice. It is a unique and atmospheric meditation to infinite truths and values. “Joker” is about everything important we forget to cherish in our daily lives. RADIOGASMO tries to awaken us from the sleep of senseless indifference. They enlighten us in their own anarchic way; they want the society to open their eyes and finally see what happens globally. The band reflect on the bigger picture of the inevitable. 

Joker” is the groovy indie-electro orgasmic explosion of the sound fulfilling both the body and the soul. It may seem as if music became just a tool for the band to spread their socio-political views, but their art goes beyond politics or even the vision of change. RADIOGASMO creates original and pioneering music, and their themes are not temporary or goal oriented, but reflect on the infinite dilemmas of humanity, making the band interesting and provocative to the core. “Joker” is so atmospheric and sophisticated that it seems like the band has put the universe’s soul into it.