International Composer Mike Alrue

International composer Miguel Alonso, better known as Mike Alrue, his artist name, has been sharing his music with his massive following for decades. Today, he is considered one of the most respected composers in the entertainment world, thanks to his impressive curriculum and hundreds of projects. 

This week, he released “Changes,” a new song that sees him equally master the guitar and vocals. Bringing his serene vibes and sophisticated composition to audiences worldwide, Mike Alrue has also been a creative force behind thousands of jingles for the advertisement industry, working with the most prestigious brands such as Hallmark Cards, Kodak, McDonald’s, among many others. With six albums released and over 20 film and documentary scores, Mike Alrue has over and over again proven his versatility and adaptation skills. 

Many artists have also worked with the composer who was able to craft for them the exact song, instrumental, and rhythms they were looking for, once again displaying creativity, inventiveness, and raw talent.