420 Klick releases new “SomeHow” video & politically charged EP WTSTF

Inspired by Black Lives Matter and the protests demanding change, the 420 Klick has released a new EP that really hits home in today’s political climate.

The new project, appropriately titled WTSTF (or Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire), is a nod to the corruption in the police departments that patrol the streets in North America. It points out that all the new incidents of police brutality that are now coming to light are not isolated incidents and certainly not just the acts of “bad apples,” as some dishonest politicians would have you believe.


Scene from the SomeHow video

Scene from the “SomeHow” video

The Durham Region rap duo—comprised of rappers Nathan $kullz and LB—both reside just east of Toronto and are no strangers to interaction with the police. In fact, the group was accosted by the Durham Regional Police Service during the shooting of the new video for the EP’s lead single, “SomeHow,” featuring Pound Banga. Some of the footage can be seen in the video which was directed and edited by Jubrillient.

Some of this project’s best moments take place before and after the songs with an introduction and an intermission that present some intriguing audio cuts. You’ll find soundbites from some prominent Canadian figures such as Doug Ford the premiere of Ontario and fellow musician Haviah Mighty. The most powerful voice during these skits of course are the cries of George Floyd during his murder at the hands of the Minneapolis Police which are heard during the introduction of the EP.

Additionally, WTSTF features three new complete songs, one intro titled “100 High Park To 38th” and one interlude titled “Aftermath” which serves as the opening act into the song “SomeHow.”


Scene from the SomeHow video

Scene from the “SomeHow” video

We recently caught up with Nathan $kullz from the 420 Klick and he explained how the idea for a politically charged music project came to be:

“After seeing Killer Mike get called to address Atlanta and the death of Regis by the hands of the police and watching Canada’s reaction to the states, we just felt obligated to say something,” $kullz explained.

“There were many outside sources blatantly trying to disrupt the missions of the peaceful people. This project wasn’t fun, it wasn’t silent but it wasn’t entirely hopeless. We wrote this project and collaborated with the best so that we could try and do something smart, just and informative. No one tells us how to write or what to speak on, so we took full advantage of that this time around.”


Scene from the SomeHow video

Scene from the “SomeHow” video

After reviewing WTSTF from end-to-end, it’s safe to say that so far this new EP has been one of the most comprehensive musical protest art projects I’ve reviewed this year. All of the songs and skits on Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire are seamlessly blended together which gives the listener a feeling of authenticity as it brings you from feelings of outrage to the aftermaths of a riot looking for a resolution to it all. The EP features production by SK Studios, Shy the BeatYoda, and DJ Merciless, as well as guest appearances by other emcees such as Lotus and Mic Gutz. Nathan $kullz also displays his skills as a well rounded musician by playing the piano on the introduction and interlude segments of the project.

You can check out WTSTF, and the video for the Pound Banga-assisted “SomeHow” below.

The new single is available for streaming on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via Stoned Kings Entertainment. You can check out the EP now below via Bandcamp.

420 Klick preview WTSTF EP with new Pound Banga-assisted video for SomeHow

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Written by Kyle McNeil for HipHopCanada