A festival is using punters poop to make electricity

We sh*t you not. The famous Reading festival in the UK is creating new frontiers with an ambitious plan to turn festival dwellers turds into electricity for the city to use.

With an estimated 750,000 litres grog bogs and more, set to be slammed down the porta-potties, it’s said that the gas from the sewage will be extracted from a by-product – sludge – which will generate the electricity. Now considering the hundred thousands litres number 1’s and 2’s going down the dunny, it’s surprising to learn that the outcome this exercise is supposedly going to produce enough electricity for two homes, for a day. It’s not a lot but every bit count.

So if you are going to the Reading festival in England, be sure to make sure you have a good fibre intake to ensure premium gas extraction for optimal electricity.

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