Zaxx Flips Lookas & Able Heart's 'On My Own' Into Euphoric Standout

Zaxx has not taken 2018 lightly so far. The artist has worked tirelessly to create a multitude hit records encompassing several genres. None stood out more than his last release, ‘Together’, which rivaled many the top tunes we have heard so far this year. Now Zaxx is back with a new remix for Lookas and Able Heart. In it he has taken a lyrical trap tune and flipped it into a record full euphoric highs.

Lookas & Able Heart – ‘On My Own’ (Zaxx Remix)

In this Monstercat release Zaxx keeps the integrity the original tune but injects a full dose his signature style. It seems that Zaxx has really found his stride as an artist in 2018, as each release builds f the momentum the last. His remix ‘On My Own’ is nothing short gorgeous. Check it out below.