The Highest Price Paid For A Slice Of Vinyl On Discogs Just Got Smashed

Discogs has seen some exxy prices over the years paid for the plastic stuff but a recent sale has eclipsed the rest when it comes to splashing out on a new record.

The album in question is the only known copy what is commonly known as ‘The Black Album’ by the now deceased artist Prince due to the handful promo copies bearing no name, title or artwork and encases in a black sleeve, How much did the new owner cough up? A cool $27,500 on the popular vinyl market place

Why so much? The record has proven to be ultra rare when ‘a week before the release, Prince declared the album to be ‘evil’ and ordered all 500,000 copies to be destroyed, turning it into one the rarest records in the world.’ according to the vinyl factory.

This copy that just made someone a wad cash was saved by an employee a record store and just turned into a mega windfall for the seller the rare piece goodness!

Your options today can be to stream it in all its 480p goodness on Youtube but, if you’re hanging out for the original you’ll likely have to wait to pay a similarly lty price.

How much would you be willing to pay for your favourite music on vinyl?