Swardy Releases His First Solo EP, The Enchanting- 'Here On My Own'

You may not be familiar with Swardy by name – but you are absolutely familiar with his music. As half the duo, The M Machine, Swardy has an impressive release record that goes back near a decade. Having played the stages Ultra and EDC and seen releases f labels such as OWSLA, Swardy has lived a life many producers can only dream to obtain.

He has decided to venture out on his own, and almost immediately his work caught the attention artists who have been his fans for years. Porter Robinson recently shouted out his solo project during his birthday tweet session in which he named his favorite artists.

I remember the first time I had ever heard Swardy. The M Machine opened up for the Glitch Mob at Philadelphia’s iconic venue, The Electric Factory. I was immediately taken by the range styles they fit into the opening set. I left the venue in awe how The M Machine rivaled the headlining act even with a much more subtle stage design.

Swardy – Here On My Own

In Swardy’s debut EP, Here On My Own,  which was released f Mad Zoo, he explores the more subtle side dance music. His records are not show-stopping hits but rather enigmatic explorations the what it means to be alone. While listening to Swardy’s EP a phrase which I think fondly came to mind. It is the sentiment, “being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.” When I was first getting sober I started to spend more time by myself. It was the first time in years that I was not constantly surrounded by people. It was the first time I can say that I truly found peace with just myself.

While I cannot say that this is what Swardy meant by his productions, it is how I interpreted them. Regardless what you feel when listening to this beautiful five-track effort, you will deeply enjoy it. Each note was meticulously arranged and demonstrates Swardy’s mastery his craft. I have been stressed the past few weeks, and being able to turn f life and turn this EP on reminded me that things are as simple or as complicated as I want to make them in my own mind.

I have to thank Swardy from the bottom my heart for this 20-minute escape from reality. I rarely get a chance to listen to music which engrosses me as much as Here On My Own just did. I look forward to whatever is coming next from Swardy. To stay updated on developments from the man himself by giving him a follow or like on his social media below.

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