Make music? Here’s how to make sure you’re getting paid!

Being an artist is a constant struggle getting recognised and in turn getting that hard earned cheddar for the work you do. Too many people are willing to take a track and flog it without artists getting their 2c (and more), but now there’s a way to get money for your blood, sweat and tunes.

There are a few organisations looking out for the rights musicians, so locking into those groups is what you’ve got to do to make your life easier (and a step towards upgrading that laptop or guitar).

The biggie doing the heavy lifting in Australia is a company called  who have been around a cool 50 plus years and know a thing or two about the rights musicians and getting businesses to understand the value in what you do.

What PPCA do is grant licences for the broadcast, communication or public playing recorded music (e.g., CDs, records and digital downloads) or music videos. PPCA then distributes the licence fees they collect to the record labels and Australian recording artists registered with us. The brand currently licences over 55,000 venues Australia-wide, including clubs, hotels, bars, restaurants, fitness centres, shops, halls and dance studios, and also grant licences to radio and TV stations.

The best bit is it’s free to sign up and just means you’ll be getting paid when a licensed business is playing your music! Services like this are how it should always be for artists.

Check out the link where you can sign up for free and start getting paid for your work.