Singer-Songwriter Dejhare Drops Ultimate Dance Anthem Titled “Do What You Gotta Do”

For all those feeling isolated or hopeless, we’ve got you covered. The singer-songwriter Dejhare has just released her latest banger, the catchy dance anthem “Do What You Gotta Do.” 

She is back after releasing a reimagined version of her first album Unbreakable in August 2020 titled D7. She’s been putting in work for a while now, but the clever banger “Do What You Gotta Do’ holds a totally new potential for the rising artist. 

She has succeeded in blending depth with simplicity, mainstream with minimalism and greatness with humility. The project is cohesive and soulful, and Dejhare’s motivational track will most certainly appeal to both music lovers and those in search of some inspiration or just an emotional boost during the last months of the pandemic. 

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