Make Sure To Include TFMOM’s New Release “I Don’t Mind (Pink Lemonade)” Feat. Tek Savvy In Your 2021 Playlist

John Hairston, better known as TFMOM, and Tek Savvy, teamed up for a fascinating collaboration on the joint titled “I Don’t Mind (Pink Lemonade)” from TFMOM’s brand new EP The Pink Lemonade. The release resonates with the artists’ vision and passion. Being a Christian, the fast-rising DJ, producer, and rapper TFMOM brings his inspiring spirituality and depth to sound, sometimes reaching heavy-hitting climaxes. The powerhouse EDM soundscapes blend with hip-hop elements and soulful beats, creating a unique and complex mix already known to be the signature-style of the artist. The other two tracks included in the EP, which is home to three compositions, include “Pink Lemonade OG” and “The Ship Of Pink Lemonade.” Both songs share the same timeless and universal approach to music as “I Don’t Mind (Pink Lemonade).”