Aphex Twin’s enigmatic energy flows with ‘T69 Collapse’

The enigmatic UK producer Aphex Twin is back to screw with you on an audio and visual level with his first song ‘T69 Collapse’ from his forthcoming EP.

The first glimpse music from the artist comes after a recent run display advertising across various locations, including  and a recent BBC interview detailing .

The first single was originally planned for a premiere on Adult Swim yesterday, but was taken down after it failed the photosensitive epilepsy test. However, the song has now since been uploaded to YouTube.

The T69 Collapse video made by AV guy Weirdcore is filled with data, messages and strobing. All you have to do is pause and try and interpret what is being said on any given frame. Kind misspelled philosophy and thoughts some kind. The song itself is surprisingly pleasant and filled with 808 cowbells. It’s on the more digestible melody driven spectrum his music.

There’s various options on Aphex Twin’s site to . Track list below!

01. ‘T69 collapse’
02. ‘1st 44’
03. ‘MT1 t29r2’
04. ‘abundance10edit2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909]’
05. ‘pthex’